Armstrong Math
Spring Problem Session

Organizer/Editor: Dr. J. Brawner
office: UH293
phone: 344-3186
  • History: The group of AASU mathematics faculty and students known as the Armstrong Problem Solvers was formed in the Spring of 2005 out of a desire to continue through the spring semester many of the problem solving opportunities afforded by the Putnam seminar each fall. After a lively debate over what to call themselves, the Armstrong Problem Solvers burst onto the scene by successfully solving all fourteen of the problems posed in the Fall 2004 issue of the Pi Mu Epsilon Journal. Two of those solutions were published in the Fall 2005 issue of that journal, with acknowledgments for the other twelve.

    Activity: Each spring thereafter, the Armstrong Problem Solvers have met weekly to work on journal problems. As of the group has had a total of solutions published or to appear, and another solutions acknowledged, in the following journals:
    the American Mathematical Monthly, Mathematics Magazine,
    College Mathematics Journal, Math Horizons,
    and the Pi Mu Epsilon Journal.
    - Dr. James Brawner

We are in session.

Webmaster: Sungkon Chang
  • Student/Faculty Involvement: Problem solving lies at the heart of undergraduate mathematics, and the faculty strongly encourage students to participate in this weekly seminar. Our seminar is a great vehicle to exposure, maturity, and creativity in undergraduate mathematics, and it creates a unique space where students and faculty can casually engage in a scholarly activity. If you are interested, please contact Dr. Brawner.